About us 

Our story

Once upon a time ...

 A dad was looking for toys to tell great stories to his children, but he found out that no brand offered these kind of toys. So he had the idea to create these toys himself.

 Histoya was born : This is a new brand of 10 cm (4 inches) tall wooden figurines printed on both sides. 

 The first caracters that have been created are knights, famous scientists and modern heroes such as policemen and firefighters. 

The drawings : 

 The first 11 heroes were designed by Florian Thouret a renowed French illustator. The drawing are simple and realistic. 

 Take a look at his portofolio : http://florian.thouret.com/ 

Thibaud Keller, a designer, was also part of the project to design the characters

Our team 

                NICOLAS - CEO